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Gainsville, Florida
Home to the University of Florida, Gainesville is the county seat and largest city in Alachua County. Art festivals attract visitors from all over the country  Settled: 1854 - Incorporated: April 14, 1869

There is archeological evidence, from about 12,000 years ago, of the presence of Paleo Indians in the Gainesville area,
although it is not known if there were any permanent settlements.[10] A Deptford culture campsite existed in Gainesville
and was estimated to have been used between 500 BCE and 100 CE
Note: CE stands for “common (or current) era”, while BCE stands for “before the common (or current) era”

The Deptford people moved south into Paynes Prairie and Orange Lake during the first century and evolved into the Cades Pond culture The Deptford people who remained in the Gainesville area were displaced by migrants from southern Georgia sometime
in the seventh century. These migrants evolved into the Alachua culture and they built their burial mound on top of the Deptford culture campsite

When Europeans made first contact in the area, the Potano lived in the area. They were descendants of the Alachua culture
people European contact diminished the numbers of native peoples (through disease, enslavement, war) and Spanish colonists began cattle ranching in the Paynes Prairie area in the 18th century. The Spanish ceded Florida to the US in 1821.

Gainesville was established in 1854 and named after Edmund P. Gaines The town of Gainesville was incorporated in 1869 and chartered as a city in 1907 The University of the State of Florida was moved from Lake City to Gainesville in 1906 and
its name was simplified to University of Florida in 1909.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -History of Gainesville, Florida - Gainesville, Florida

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State University System
The University of Florida is divided into 16 colleges and more than 150 research, service and education centers, bureaus and institutes, offering more than 100 undergraduate majors and 200 graduate degrees. These colleges include:
College/school - Year founded
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences 1906
Rinker School of Building Construction 1906
College of Education 1906
Levin College of Law 1909
College of Engineering 1910
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 1910
College of Pharmacy 1923
College of Journalism and Communications 1925
College of Design Construction and Planning 1925
Warrington College of Business 1926
P.K. Yonge Research School 1934
College of Health and Human Performance 1946
J. Hillis Miller Health Science Center 1956
College of Medicine 1956
College of Nursing 1956
College of Public Health and Health Professions 1958
Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences 1964
College of Dentistry 1972
College of the Arts 1975
College of Veterinary Medicine 1976
Division of Continuing Education 1976
Fisher School of Accounting 1977
International Center 1991
Graham Center for Public Service 2006

Florida College System

Santa Fe College is a public college based in Gainesville, Florida, with satellite campuses in Alachua and Bradford counties. It is part of the Florida College System. Established in 1965 as "Santa Fe Junior College" by the Florida Legislature, it began offering classes in September 1966.  As of 2020, the school had an enrollment of 18,487 students, and offers associate and baccalaureate degree programs

Local TV Stations  
Local Radio Stations
Radio-Locator Radio-Locator - Gainsville, FL Contact
WAJD-AM 1390 kHz Gainesville, Florida
WRUF-AM 850 kHz Gainesville, Florida University of Florida "ESPN 850"

Local News Listings
The Alligator
The Gainesville Sun

Local Events Listings
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